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Our Beer

Our hand crafted beers are produced in the heart of rural Kent. All our beers are naturally carbonated, unpasteurised, unfiltered, unfined and therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We only use the best raw materials, sourced from all over the world.

Unlike a lot of breweries, we don't focus on a core range of beers. Rarely do we make a beer more than once, every beer is a 'one off'.


Our partykegs have been racked directly from the fermenter/conditioning tank using the same method we would use for our much larger kegs, used by our friends in their bars and pubs. This method ensures the beer is kept free from oxygen, which aids shelf life, aroma and carbonation.  The beer will be bright, and ready to go. 

Simply chill the keg overnight, upright, in order for the natural CO2 to absorb back into the beer, and any sediment to fall out of solution. Failing to do so will considerably reduce carbonation, condition, and aroma.

The kegs will last for a while, providing you keep the keg cool, and the top-vent closed between pours.