Our Beer


To fully enjoy these beers, you MUST ensure that upon delivery you store the bottles upright, undisturbed, and in a chiller for AT LEAST 24 hours (preferably 72+ hours) before opening. 


These are natural, ‘live’, bottle-conditioned beers. Therefore, they must be treated as a cask beer would initially be, in a professional cellar. 


Leaving the bottles upright and in a cold environment will allow the yeast and sediment to drop to the bottom of the bottle, it will also allow any CO2 in the headspace of the bottle to easily saturate into the beer, providing the desired natural carbonation. 


IMPORTANT! The beers will only be ready to pour once you have noticed that the pale beers are clear in the bottle. Ensure that you pour the beer GENTLY into the glass, leaving the remaining sediment in the bottle. If you don’t follow these simple steps you will have a totally different product/experience.