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We currently have limited stock of 5 litre party kegs (8.5 pints) for you to enjoy fresh keg beer home. No specialist tools or setup required. Just chill the keg, pull the tap and pour.

Unlike a lot of party kegs, these kegs are filled using CO2 counter-pressure, and directly from from the conditioning tank at the brewery. Which means there's zero chance of oxygen pickup. It also means the beers will have the original aroma, profile and carbonation as you would expect from a keg beer in a professional pub/bar set-up.

These kegs will last several months unopened. Once opened however, it's best to consume the beer within a few days, ensuring to close the vent after every pour to prevent the loss of carbonation and aroma.

All beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and naturally carbonated. 

All kegs are priced at roughly the equivalent of just over £3 a pint.

LOCAL DELIVERY: Free delivery for addresses within a 10 mile radius from the brewery in Horsmonden. We will try to ensure that these orders, placed before 1pm, are delivered on the same day. However, this isn't guaranteed. Orders are guaranteed to be delivered by the end of the next working day.

Postcodes covered:


NATIONAL DELIVERY: All orders outside our local delivery zone will be sent 'Next Day' by courier for a flat-rate fee of £6 per keg. Delivery can take up to 2 days from ordering, however.